Highly experienced SwiftUI / Swift / Objective-C iOS developer, consultant and academic researcher.

I’m highly active on Stack Overflow, answering programming questions, top 1% of users.


I am Dr Malcolm Hall, I’m currently a freelance mobile software developer based in Glasgow, Scotland. My main interests are in WiFi positioning, location-based services, Cloud databases and anything mobile.

I previously was CIO and co-founder of Dynamically Loaded, a mobile software company specializing in Wi-Fi positioning systems and other innovative technologies.

Before that I was a visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon, collaborating with Yuvraj Agarwal on the Protect My Privacy project, which aims to protect users from privacy invasive smartphone apps. I built the iPhone app and server infrastructure and I’m currently protecting the privacy of 200k users. Prior to this, I was a visiting researcher at UC San Diego, collaborating with Barry Brown and Louise Barkhuus with whom I built TagPad, an app for capturing research interviews on an iPad.

I hold a Ph.D. in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow in the field of HCI on the topic of Mobile Software Adaptation. It involved iOS development, Wi-Fi positioning, GPS, ad hoc Wi-Fi, plug-in architectures, recommender systems and collaborative filtering.

Besides computing, I also enjoy traveling and playing guitar.

This website contains information about my research and personal projects.