Navigate from Maps

Navigate From Maps enhances both Apple Maps and Google Maps apps by better integrating with your GPS navigation apps.

Supports iOS 5 – 8

Apple Maps
Adds a Navigate Here button to the info view of a search result or a dropped pin. Its in the same row as the Transit directions button but on the right.

Google Maps
On the directions screen, tap the action button.

Now you can search or plan for where you need to go much faster and easier in these map apps but still navigate there with your GPS app.

Supported GPS navigation apps:
MotionX GPS Drive & Drive HD
Metro View Australia
iGo Primo
Apple Maps
Google Maps

Available to buy in Cydia for $1.99.

iOS 6 Screenshots

iOS 5 Screenshots


Q: I’ve installed it but the buttons don’t appear.
A: Currently it only appears for search results or dropped pins, contacts are currently not supported.

Q: I have 2 versions of TomTom installed, e.g. UK and USA, how can I make it open directions in a certain version?
A: Since version 1.3 a preference is available in Settings where you can choose which version of TomTom the plugin should use.

Q: Does it work with other GPS applications?
A: The GPS app needs to support a URL scheme for navigating then contact me and I will add support for it.