Malcolm Hall is a highly experienced software developer on all platforms with a strong focus on mobile applications. including many years of experience in iOS and Android. Also experienced in the now defunct Windows Mobile and Windows Phone platforms.

Technology experience:
• All aspects of iOS Apps and App Store submissions
• iPhone Jailbreak Apps and alternative distribution
• Push notifications
• iPhone “Tweaks” – enhancing functionality of built in apps
• iPhone energy – e.g. saving battery, preventing CPU sleep or scheduling wake-ups
• iPhone WiFi scanning and WiFi positioning (outdoor and indoor)
• macOS
• Android
• Windows Mobile
• Windows
• Windows Phone
• .NET Framework 3.5 and Compact
• ASP .NET and SQL Server based web services
• PHP and MySQL
• ORM e.g. RedBean, Doctrine
• Web Frameworks e.g. Symfony
• Unix servers
• Websites and hosting
• Location-based services
• WiFi scanning and surveying
• Hybrid positioning systems
• Game development, SpriteKit
• Facebook and Twitter integration

• Utilise reusable frameworks
• Faster development time
• 10+ year code base
• Stability and security
• Proven design and testing procedures
• Flexible licensing terms
• Revenue share models
• Urgent solutions

Typical projects include design and implementation of mobile software and a web service. User interface design with a focus on consistency with the existing applications on a particular platform, for a smoother user experience.
Previous clients include The Cloud Networks, HighWall Mobile, Skyhook Wireless, Navizon, Syntonetic, Dynamo Games.
Consultancy rates are on a case-by-case basis, please email for details.