Enjoy a quick and easy way to control your smart home lights from your menu bar. Just click the home menu bar icon and click lights to turn them off or on, and use the slider to control the brightness. Get quick access to all your HomeKit lights and devices. Quickly toggle lights on or off and change their brightness. Also control your power switches and fans. Also control your scenes.

Available now in the Mac App Store!

Privacy Policy

We Collect No Personal Information

We do not collect, use, save, or have access to any of your personal data recorded in HomeMenu for Mac. 

Home Data
HomeMenu uses Apple’s HomeKit platform to access home data. The data accessed is accessory names, group names, scene names, on/off state and brightness levels. HomeMenu can only access this data if the user grants access via Apple’s privacy alert. The data is accessed for the sole reason of presenting a menu, it is not stored or transmitted off device. 

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