Readster is an elegantly designed news reader that works with your Google Reader account. It has a simple, yet beautiful, interface that makes it easy to browse and view news. We’ve worked hard to create a news interface that truly makes it a pleasure to quickly browse, read, and star news whilst on the move. Readster syncs quickly, lists news and displays it with a clear and beautiful layout, and provides one-tap access to full-article mode, sharing, and starring articles. 

Full-article mode – when viewing a news article Reaster will automatically retrieve extra article text and ensure a clean, easy to read, display. You can switch between summary and full-article with the tap of a button. 

Fullscreen web browser – Readster has a fullscreen web browser view that lets you focus fully on the content. When you tap the article header of any news item Readster’s built-in web browser slides in. Then by tapping the fullscreen button the navigation and toolbars slide out, leaving just the fullscreen view of the content. 

Sharing – Easily share any article via Facebook, Twitter, Mail, SMS, or open it in your web browser. Our sharing options are fully integrated with the latest iOS 6 features, with a simple yet beautiful interface. 

Secure – Readster uses Google Readers OAuth access, so your Google password is not stored in the app, making it completely secure. 

Landscape mode – the app fully supports laying out all content in landscape mode. 

iOS 5 & iOS 6 supported – Whilst similar to fullscreen mode in iOS 6’s Safari, our fullscreen browser works even on devices running iOS 5. Sharing features are slightly limited on iOS 5.

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